• Venom editor

The night is dark and I’m far from home

Stepping out into the darkness, lost in the transition,

There should be a way out but I can’t see the light anywhere,


Isolation is the way to escape, escape to where you belong,

And the night is alight with fire,

And the night is alight with fire.

Photographer: Yohey Maeda


Stylist: Midori Yoshida


Male Model: Yusuke Shimizu @Number eight models


Makeup Artist: Eriko Mori


Director of Photography: Makoto Nakasone


Wardrobe credits :

DRESSEDUNDRESSED @dressedundressed

JOHNLAWRENCESULLIVAN @johnlawrencesullivan_official

disemBySiiK @disembysiik

95JIEUN @95jieun_tokyo

PEOPO @peopo.2020, YUTASETOGAWA @yutasetogawa @yutasetogawa blank

blank @blank.jpn, fluorescence @fluorescence__tokyo

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