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Puppets and Puppets - FALL 2021 READY-TO-WEAR

Updated: Mar 26

Puppets and Puppets is a collaborative fashion venture from artists Carly Mark and Ayla Argentina. Carly is a New York based artist who has worked in various mediums including painting, sculpture, and video. Her past work has dealt with consumer culture and American compulsion. Ayla is a New York based fashion designer who studied pattern drafting, draping and sewing. Pulling from their respective fine art and clothing construction backgrounds, Mark and Argentina explore their shared interest in classic storytelling, non-traditional styling, sculptural construction, and character play. The result is a warped and narrative based aesthetic. Dualism, mutation, clowning, Claude Montana, and Kansai Yamamoto all find their light in their debut collection, which aims to employ a different kind of role than a traditional fashion line. Puppets and Puppets uses clothing and costume to merge utility and fantasy into one cohesive vision.

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