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Nadia Lee Cohen Releases Photo Book 'WOMEN', Powerful Portraits of Strong Femininity

Nadia Lee Cohen, the photographer / filmmaker / artist, has just released her new photo book, ‘WOMEN’ with IDEA Books.

The fruit of six years’ labour, Women brings together 100 portraits of staggering power and beauty.

Heavily inspired by cinema, Americana and Britain particularly in the 1960’s and 70’s, her photographs and films are veritable visions of saturated, surreal dreamscapes.

Drawing upon the duality of the female form, Lee Cohen sets her focus on the twisted paradise that unfolds inside her brilliant mind, exploring the complex dynamics between strength and fragility within womankind.

The book features 100 photo prints inspired by the concept of ‘WOMEN’, featuring conceptual art pieces with women as the subject matter.

Featured in the series are a number of women in fashion and Hollywood that you may recognize, including: Georgia May Jagger, Brooke Candy, and more.

Also featured are writings by Alessia Glaviano of Italian Vogue and Ellen von Unwerth.

‘WOMEN’ by Nadia Lee Cohen in partnership with IDEA Books is now available at IDEANOW.online.

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