Art Series / May, 2020

"Non ti Scordar di Me" by Antonio Miucci


Through an introspection on the connection between personal and sexual identity and about
the meaning of masculinity in the contemporary age, the story investigates the uniqueness
and diversity that distinguish each of us: a trace on one’s body. Always remaining true to the
Self, it is important to face the Journey of the Hero with passion, kindness and courage, ready
to embrace what awaits us between Twilight and Sunrise, to arise in the End. At that moment,
we will look at our Journey proudly and we will say, reminding to ourselves: “My dear, wherever
you go, do not forget me”.

Model and fashion stylist Federico Del Nobile (ig @federicodelnobile).

Art direction and photography Antonio Miucci (ig @antoniomiucci).

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