AD Campaign / Mars, 2020

Magda Butrym Fall 2020 Campaign Lensed by Sonia Szostak

Left: original dress from 1979

Also impressive is this hooded dress, also originally from 1979, which required 110 hours of hand beading, and had to be hand dyed to get the color exactly right.

Top model Birgit Kos is styled by Barbara Martelo in Polish brand Magda Butrym’s Fall 2020 campaign. Photographer Sonia Szostak is behind the lens, capturing the new collection from the six-year-old label, whose designer was a semi-finalist for the 2018 LVMH Prize.  

      Magda Butrym’s method of modernization lies in her appropriation of the 1980s, a decade defined by American women in the workforce, as captured in Dolly Parton’s anthemic “9 to 5” and distilled by Butrym into her key design element, “the big shoulders.” “I feel like when you can empower women, it’s about the blazer,” Butrym says, “and that’s why I love the ’80s so much, that time when women started to wear suits and blazers.”


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