BEAUTY / September 20 , 2018

Korea’s five best-selling sheet masks of 2018 and why you need them

The innovative sheet masks that dominated Korea’s drugstore sales this year.































Think we’ve reached peak sheet mask? Well, you haven’t seen Korean drugstores. In the birthplace of the sheet mask, competition is fierce. By the time you’re done Instagramming that adorable panda sheet mask, Korean brands have already replaced them with gloriously frothy bubble masks or ones made of 24k gold (seriously).

So, which innovative sheet masks dominated the country’s drugstore sales this year? Turns out that while Koreans may enjoy the occasional knitted or foil mask, the products they truly rely on are all about high quality ingredients that nourish and hydrate to give that perfect glass skin. 

Here, we’ve rounded up this year’s top five bestsellers, featuring a mix of established and emerging brands all with one common trait—a killer ingredient list.

By Kelly Im of K-beauty blog Yeon & Bee.  

Yoon Young Bae in Christian Dior’s ready-to-wear spring/summer ’18 show. Image credit: InDigital.

Dewytree AC Control Deep Mask
If you’re prone to acne or you’re battling a few Christmas party-induced spots, this is the mask for you. The star player here is peppermint, which is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse and reduces sebum production to prevent pimples popping up in the first place.












Dr Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution
A cult product from a cult brand, this mask gives you bang for buck when it comes to hydration, combining hyaluronic acid, aquaxyl, xylitol, betaine and algae extract. This is the perfect antidote for those days spent wandering through aggressively air-conditioned stores.












Mediheal Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask
With the silly season in full swing, you really can’t have too many blemish-fighting sheet masks. If you tend to get clogged pores or have oily skin, tea tree is an oldie but a goodie. Plus, this mask contains Korea’s favourite ingredient for 2017 — centella asiatica (or Indian pennywort) a natural anti-ageing and healing ingredient.














CNP Quick Soothing SOS Mask
If you want something a little trendier, this is a two-step ampoule sheet mask where you squeeze the ampoule over your face and then apply the serum-soaked sheet mask. Full of plant extracts, this mask is a summer must-have as it calms skin that’s been irritated by UV rays, pollution and stress.














Faith in Face After Shower Look
Designed to emulate that dewy after-shower complexion (or ‘chok chok’ look as the Koreans call it), this hydrogel mask contains a potent combination of grapefruit extract and carob tree gum, evening out your skin tone and giving you all the moisture without the richness.

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